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The Opportunity

I've personally experienced the value of coaching both for myself and in coaching others, and I'm keenly aware that coaching is often out of bounds for many due to cost. 

I have six spots available for 1:1 coaching sessions to individuals 18+ on a sliding scale from $1.00 - 50.00 per session. 

The Background

What is Gestalt Coaching?


Gestalt coaching is a dynamic and creative partnership that increases awareness and creates space for more possibilities and choice. Foundational to Gestalt coaching is the understanding that transformational change occurs when the whole person is attended to in the here and now using dynamic and creative techniques in a safe and supportive environment co-created by the coach and coachee.


What can you expect from me?


As a human living in this time, I understand the push and pull of current commitments with the possibility of something new and different. When you are in a session with me, you can expect a level of care and excellence that is grounded, focused, creative, and safe. By having this protected space, you can explore your possible futures in the here and now and identify the actions you need to take today to align and attune to that desired future.  


One of the quotes that I share with my new clients is by

Dr. David T. Hulett:


There are no facts about the future.


I love listening deeply to my client's response and exploring how the data (e.g. their thoughts, sensations, and emotions) can move them closer to the future they desire and is ultimately calling for them.


If you'd like to know about me:


I'm a lover of beauty, ideas, and liberation. As a life-long learner, I find the journey (ideas/strategy/process) a little more exciting than the destination, but in the end deeply and truly enjoy experiencing the results of good work! I co-parent a wonderful teenage son who helps me see the world in new and fantastic ways, have the cutest tuxedo cat ever, and love kayaking on beautiful lakes when the opportunity arises. BTW - Kootenay Lake in BC, Canada is my favorite .


Prior to shifting into coaching and facilitation, I was an information governance professional for many years working with a variety of individuals, public agencies, and companies. As a first-generation college graduate in my family, I'm proud of my degrees from the University of California, San Diego and University of Wisconsin, Madison (not to mention the many certificates I've completed over the years)...did I mention I love learning :-).


I'd like to learn more...

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