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What if you could generate powerful new options for your most
challenging IG issues?

Using the Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) Inquiry is the Answer process, we will explore the power of questions to transform IG challenges into new opportunities. The process is quite simple - each week an individual will share a challenge and receive questions from the group without comment. The individual will have an opportunity to share any new insights before the session ends. The learning can be incredibly powerful for both the individual sharing the challenge and the inquirers.

This is a recurring session and is held every Friday, from 10:00-10:20am PT via Zoom. Register once and join as your schedule allows. Non-IG practitioners are welcome and encouraged. A diversity of perspectives makes this process flourish.


HSD has a thorough explanation of the process on their website. Although not IG-specific, I highly recommend participating in their Inquiry is the Answer sessions if interested. More information may be found on their website.

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