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A Unique, Results-Driven Process

P.A.T.H. (Planning for Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) is for those individuals or organizations* who want to uncover their North Star to generate focus, motivation, and excitement.
In this one-time, 3-hour session, we will explore and get clear on your vision, ground it in the now, and chart your PATH for the next 12-24 months with specific, time-oriented goals that bring your idea or project to life.

Within 24 hours of our session you will receive a personalized P.A.T.H. Map to guide you along your way.

The total cost for the session is $325.00 and includes a 3-hour session with me and personalized P.A.T.H. map.

*For an organizational-based P.A.T.H., please use the Contact link on the menu above to request a quote.

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